Photo Competition

WINNER: Maria O'Hana




Pierre-Louis Choquet

Latin America is the continent of the South where people have the strongest desire for political commitment.

I took this photo in 2012, when I met Jainover, a 19 years-old boy, in Eastern Colombia (Departamiento de Arauca). After having worked for years in the coca plantations (see his already-rough hand) and suffered directly from the guerrillas, he had found the opportunity to go to the university in order to become an agronomist engineer, committed to be a social leader for peace. His hand seizing firmly the microphone symbolizes both the pride of rural people living throughout the subcontinent, and their determination to be considered as a major political force in their own countries.

Maria O'Hana

Ropa Tendida, La Habana Vieja, Cuba

Cristina Cabello

Mangrove Swamps in La Boquilla (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia), 2012

Mangroves are treasures of biodiverstiy. They also represent the struggle of the local community to maintain a balace between development and environmental sutainability. Increase in tourism, land speculation, construction and estate development could make this environment disappear.

Nathalie Kantaris Díaz

I took this photo last year in Isla del sol, the ‘Sun Island’ on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia’s largest lake. We were walking in a very remote, uninhabited part of the island and it was just hitting sunset when we came across these two young girls herding a flock of sheep. They called out to us tentatively, giggling, asking if we had any sweets. Unfortunately we didn’t, but when we asked what it was they were doing, they told us that they were from all the way over the other side of the island but that they had come to collect their sheep for the night, a daily routine for them as the sheep need grazing space during the day (most of the free space on the island is taken up with food crops, the main source of income for the inhabitants). The whole long (but incredibly stunning and awe-inspiring) walk along tenuous tracks that we had just done awaited them and their sheep so we let them get on their way.

Adam Cohen

'Sunset over the Atacama' taken over Salar de Atacama

Laura Field

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru
To me, Latin America means feeling at home when you're on the other side of the world. I took this photo in July 2012 when I spent a month in Cusco, which was not enough time for such a mesmerising city. Its delicately winding streets, mixture of Inca and Hispanic heritage and its curious climate are only part of what makes this city so special. The Plaza de Armas is the central hub of the city where friends meet and strikers make their voice heard. The locals are chirpy and cheeky; it's impossible not to have the time of your life in Cusco. ¡Viva el Perú!